Inspiration: Unconditional Love


It was raining outside tonight. The special light that only the northern hemisphere can create was shining through the clouds. I was all snuggled up in my comfortable egg shaped chair that was hanging from the ceiling at a cafe. I was reading about unconditional love and I just knew I was close to all of the answers on my questions about life and love.

A word I have never used before occurred; Metta. What was this word? There was no simple explanation for this word so I had to learn about it slowly in the book. Story after story I finally realized its meaning. It was about kindness for yourselfe, you friends and enemies. For everyone!.. Metta = #Love #Kindness and #Friendship

Please be a friend to yourself, if so only for a moment. Treat yourself like you were your own mother. Try to see yourself with empathy. You are only human so making mistakes is a part of who you are. Give yourself some Metta today!

Inside the mind of a painter: Pressure and Time

I have a lot of work to do right now. Several orders and a few offers on upcoming exhibitions but I just don’t seem to have the time to paint right now. But is it the lack of time or is it my priorities that needs to be made differently? I don’t want to give up my social life for my career but I sure do need to plan things better.

As an artist you are usually very sensitive. Somehow that role requires it. But at the same time there are often a lot of pressure to preform coming from different directions, from others, from society and from yourself. And yet at the same time painting takes a lot of time. And there is no way you can predict how long time it takes to create a piece of art. All of these opposite polarities takes a toll on you sometimes and today I feel caught up in the middle of everything. But I don’t have time to think about that right now. I’m off to a photo assignment that needs to be done and later a dinner with friends.


Inside the mind of a painter: Pink Space #1

I have borrowed my cousins house to paint for a couple of days. I just started on a new painting. It’s always such a special feeling in the beginning at the start of a new canvas, a blank canvas. It is full of new hopes and possibillities. Maybe this is the one painting that I manage to make people happy with. Maybe they will feel something big in themselves looking at this. Just maybe their hearts will be moved some how.

I saw a pink collage made by a little girl for a couple of weeks ago and it just moved me. It was so pretty and innocent. Full of life. So a pink painting has been building up inside of me since then and now it just has to come out.

I started out yesterday with a darker fuschia in the corners and a lighter baby pink in the middle. My original thoughts is that I will fill it with planets and orbs but I don’t know how this journey will end. You never know what turns I might take in the process of finding balance and composition. It is such an adventure that I can’t wait to see how it ends.

And ofcorse I will keep you all updated on the process.. This is a picture from my pink palette.


150 peeps at the gallery!

So the gallery opening at Galleri Granen was a success! About 150 people (a friend of mine counted) attended throughout the day and people got to try out the graphics technique “drypoint” live in the gallery with me and a few others supervising.



Exclusive weekend art

This weekend I am exhibiting at the gallery Granen in Sundsvall, Sweden. Together with several other people we have formed a group called “Sundsvalls Kollektivverkstads Graphical group”. Once a week we work together in a graphicsworkshop with old traditional graphic presses. The exhibition is only this weekend and people will be able to try out a simple drypoint technique at the actual gallery opening! Some of the exhibitors are Ulla-Carin Winter, Herman Englund, Erik Lindström (aka The DirtyElmo) and Fredrik Wimmerkrantz.

Graphicalgroup Exhibition