Curriculum Vitae


You can now see my complete art CV here on my website. If you want me to exhibit at your local gallery or if you need a wall painting please do not hesitate to contact me. The CV is available both in English and Swedish. Thank you for your time!

Inside the mind of a painter: darkness.


I’m having a really rough day today and I don’t know what to do. I’m depressed. But its okay I know this too shall pass. But its funny though. My life is great and some days it is just pitch black for no reason and that seem to be the case for a lot of people. I wonder what is causing all of this sadness and darkness in the universe. All I know is that I need to focus on the things that makes me happy and eventually happiness will come!

Mood photography; project No.2

“Listen to the trees.” Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg. 2014.

Here is a sneak peak of a new photo project that I am working on together with an editor. But this picture I have both taken it and edited it myself. Last year we worked on a similar project together and it was a success! The people we sent it to in Stockholm loved it. Now we are back working together as a team again and it feels great. Who knows what we will create this time! Hopefully it will result in an exhibition in the end. I will keep you posted with a few sneak peaks on what we are working on. Enjoy!