Art, live music and friends!


Art and Music goes hand in hand some how. When I draw I do it in a certain rythm and what I make depends on what kind of rythm I have on the inside that day or what kind of music I listen to. Tonight I have started a new drawing about a water and a fire dragon. In the company of some new friends and great live music the energy in the drawing is really positive and powerful. If you ever need inspiration listen to some live music!!!!

Cafe Inspiration


Today I’m drawing at a cafe. I just love the cozy atmosphere and all of the interesting people that are coming and going. A lot of Swedish people have a hard time sitting alone at a cafe but if you just try it once or twice and you overcome that fear of doing something new I am sure you will love it! The things you see and the time you get to spend with yourselfe will surprise you! I promise.

The fastest way to creativity…


The fastest way to open up to creativity is to doodle. No matter if you are a painter, a musician or a banker when you doodle you activate the right side of the brain. It’s a great idea to doodle when you are not thinking about it, like when you are speaking on the phone or are at a cafe with friends. When you do something creative and let go of all of your thoughts you get into a flow state of mind which is a very good form of active meditation.

For more info see this article in the chicago tribune: The benefits of doodling. The Chicago Tribune.

Planning a larger exhibition

Right now I’m planning a larger exhibition. I’m not sure where yet but I have a few galleries in mind. And tonight I’m looking at a few of my smaller sketches to see if I can create something bigger in oil or acrylics. Out of these 13 pieces I have already created 4 bigger pieces which only 1 of them are in my possession at present time, the other ones are sold out.

Royal Phoenix


I haven’t been drawing for a while now but this weekend I finished one drawing and started on a new one. Another Phoenix is coming up 😉 I don’t know why I am so facsinated by this creature. Maybe it’s because I am alot like the Poenix Bird; I have times of glory when I spread my wings and sore, full of color and life and also I have long periods of time when my life turnes into ashes and I keep a low profile, gather new knowledge and strength.

I think it’s time for me to get out of my little “cave” soon and make some art. I only have a few paintings left to do for another solo exhibition. But the thing is.. I’m in love right now and all I want to do is spend time with my favoutite person in the world and snuggle! 😉 I love him so.. At least I get a lot of inspiration from Love and will have a lot of stories to tell in my upcoming art.