Inspiration at sea #2

My weekend by the sea continued with some drawing by the water in the fishing village #skatan . I also looked at some art at the local gallery there and the gallery owner was so nice and friendly. I have been there a couple of times before but I haven't spoken to her earlier.

Inspiration at sea #1

I have left the city for a weekend in a small cabin close to the sea. My mission is to get a little inspiration and to paint a lot. I have been drawing a bit but not painting that much lately. I have bought large canvases and brought all of painting stuff out here. The... Continue Reading →

A new album cover

Yesterday a friend of mine joined me on the balcony for some interesting conversations and some singing. I got so inspired I decided to make a new album cover for one of her songs just for fun. Her name is Linga Sjöqvist and she is working with several producers in Sweden. I love her voice,... Continue Reading →

Studying Gustav Klimt

Today I've been studying the austrian painter Gustav Klimt for some inspiration. I just love his golden, beige, green and red/orange colours. I've never thought about how all of his female figures are in a dream like state with their eyes closed. He only made a few exceptions to this. He also drew a lot... Continue Reading →

Doodling on lined paper

I forgot my drawing pad today so I'm doodling on some new ideas on a lined paper and wondering how they affect my way of drawing. I think my abstract ideas got a little more stiff and stricter than usual. Maybe its a good thing to draw on a lined paper.

Today I’m exhibiting at Vängåvan!

Today I'm exhibiting my art in a garden by a fountain in the middle of Sundsvall called Vängåvan. We are several local artists showing our latest work. Its the Swedish national day! Please come by and take a look. I will keep you posted with photographs. Unfortunately I have the flu so I don't know... Continue Reading →

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