This is one of my new Illustrations. One waterdragon and one firedragon facing eachother. Its about the dualities in life and in society. Recently I have heard that you should live in polarity instead of duality, constantly aware of both sides of things. Remembering that you can always interpret things from two opposite sides and you don’t haveto choose a side and be seperate. We can live in the middle, being neutral and in and
balance emotionally. Just being aware. Stepping from hatred to euforia, getting caught up in one drama in society to another only brings a psychadelic mess within and around you. Maybe the answer is to be neutral, stay positive and hope for the best.

2night at the graphics group


This is at the arts collective in Sundsvall, Sweden. Finally I am working with collagraphy again. I have started the fall semester with a sketch of a cat in black and red. This is my colluege from tonight. I really enjoy talking to him while working and its funny, he was wearing black and red tonight. I really must say that belonging to a group of painters makes you work harder and it inspires you. Thank you Herman for your company.