New section: Nature Photography

Now I have added a new section with some of my nature photos thanx to a resent burst of inspiration from one of my favorite Swedish painters called Lars Lerin. I hope you enjoy. More nature photos are coming soon. Please check it out!

Here is a link to the new section:

"Isen hos oss" Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg 2015
“Isen hos oss” Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg 2015

Finally finished!


I’m finally finished with the mega huge painting I was talking about earlier last year! It took me 5 months to do it but then I was a bit slow too since I moved my studio and everything. The working title was “Klimt Lovers” since Gustav Klimt was the major inspiration for this piece. But the final name is “In the rose garden”.

The title leaves it open for further interpretations and not just a couple in love. One of my friends thought it looked like a vampire leaning up from behind, wanting to suck the life out of the other figure.
Anyway I hope you all enjoy it. Thanx for following my artistic progress and Happy New Year and New Beginnings!