Local lottery for the charity “MusikHjälpen”


A couple of talented local artists gave away their paintings to Unga Magasinets charity for the Swedish radio and tv show “MusikHjälpen” tonight! It was super fun. One of my paintings were there too ofcorse and there were a lot of happy winners there and ofcorse a lot of warm hearts that were happy to donate money for children in warzones that still have the right to go to school. ♡

Helping people through Art




I truly believe that helping people though art and culture is possible. Teaching someone to express themselves or just letting someone be shown through a creative expression. I am so grateful to be a part of planning cultural events for all people; the disabled, the homeless, the lonely and the youth.

For myselfe art has healed many things in my life. Breakups, emotional trauma, even my social phobia at times. Bringing my drawing pad to social events where I can escape and then later on interact with other people into collaborative art.

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“Born to be equal” Charity Auction

I am the co founder to the charity auction “Born to be equal” and next week we have a big event in Sundsvall, Sweden at Aveny. Nineteen artists have donated their artwork and local musicians are playing. All of the money will go to a project for the homeless by Danisa Atterhagen. Some of the artists that are donating art (me included) are; Christian Beijer, Erik Lindström (Elmo), Caroline Ring, Johan Mauritzson, Herman Englund and Lars-Åke Högstedt. To place an online bid on some of the artworks please go to: http://borntobeequal.blogg.se and contact me via email at ai.sandberg@live.com or my colleague at linga.sjoqvist@hotmail.com

In Swedish:

För att placera ett bud på välgörenhetsauktionen “Born to be equal” var vänlig och besök denna adress för att se några av konstverken: http://borntobeequal.blogg.se/ och kontakta sedan mig på ai.sandberg@live.com eller kontakta min kollega Linga Sjöqvist.

Born to be equal charity auction
The poster for the charity auction “Born to be equal”. Poster Design By: Monica Sjöqvist

Young Spring Art & Our Festival

Soon its a premier for the annual spring festival for everyone called “Vår Festival” (our/spring festival) in Sweden. I have been planning this together with the local commune and the cultural arts center, Kulturmagasinet, here in Sundsvall for a while now. I am the one who is in charge for the aesthetic aspects such as the art exhibition, designing the festival logo and the posters. I will also lead an abstract art workshop in the middle of the square in the cultural art center. We will finish the workshop with a collaborative painting. The exhibition will be from 9th of May to the 22nd of May. We are 4 young artists that are exhibiting and next year there will be a lot more young artists joining us. It is a big honor being part of something new in the local community that hopefully will be lasting for many years to come.

The festival is mostly for the young scene but it is open for everyone and it is also customized for disability. We will even have a interpreter for the hearing disabled.

The artists on this exhibition are: Anna Isabella Sandberg, Lennie Karlsson, Amanda Bergkvist & Emmelie Berkö

Ung Vår Konst 2015 Poster

Sneak peak from the exhibition "Ung Vår Konst" 2015 (Young Spring Art).
Sneak peak from the exhibition “Ung Vår Konst” 2015 (Young Spring Art).

Vår Festival 2015

På lördag den 9e Maj är det premiär för den årliga festivalen Vår Festival.

” #Vårfestivalsundsvall är en social, givande och rolig tillställning för ungdomar. Festivalen arrangeras av föreningar, studieförbund, sociala företag och kommunala verksamheter. Här visas och delas skapande med kreativitet, rytm med dans, kunskap med nyfikenhet, delaktighet med gemenskap.” -Sundsvalls kommun

Det kommer att bli modevisning, gruppmålning, föreläsningar, musikschlaget, live spelningar, workshops och mycket mer.

Vernissagen för Ung Vår Konst sker Kl13.00 inne på Unga Magasinet och utställningen pågår till och med den 22a Maj. Jag kommer att hålla i en måleri workshop Kl14.00 på torget inne i Kulturmagasinet.

Här är länkarna till evenemangen respektive info sidor:

Vår Festivals event på FB:


Ung Vår Konst eventet på FB:


Mer info:




IN ENGLISH: On saturday its a premier of the annual Festival called “Vår Festival” (our/spring festival) in Sweden. There will be a lot of activities going on and I have been planning this together with a team for quite some time now. There will also be an art exhibition from 9th of May to 22nd of May. Welcome to this Spring Festival for everyone!

Vår Festival Poster 2015

Ung Vår Konst 2015 Poster

Fashion show for the environment


So here are some pictures from the fashion show on the Young Magazine. The clothes were from the clothinglibrary Tekocirkeln in Sundsvall. I think its a great idea with clothinglibraries where you can borrow unique clothes for a small membership fee. Tekocirkeln focus on Art Nouveau inspired clothes! The youths also gave us an inspiring speech on how bad the clothing industry is for the environment. I am so grateful peoole are becoming more and more aware.


Also feel free to take a look at last weeks blog update where you can read about the upcykling workshop I held at the same day as the fashionshow here on http://aisandberg.com

Upcykling Workshop


Last weekend me and my colleague Kristina Huss led a Workshop at the local museum here in Sundsvall. The entire day was a celebration for the environment and earth hour.

We gathered a bunch of old jewelery, left over pearls, fabrics and what not that we and our friends had. An industrial company donated metal for us and the café ungamagasinet bought some tools and useful stuff. We made new jewelry from old stuff, upcykling in other words!!! We had a lot of fun and the kids loved it, so did the grown ups 😉

One friend brought an old shark tooth that he used in a necklace. One talented kid made both earings for her mother, a metal bracelet and a necklace for herselfe! And the creativity was flowing.



There was also a fashion show going on with borrowed clothes from the clothinglibrary TekoCirkeln.. For pictures see my next blog post at http://aisandberg.com

150 peeps at the gallery!

So the gallery opening at Galleri Granen was a success! About 150 people (a friend of mine counted) attended throughout the day and people got to try out the graphics technique “drypoint” live in the gallery with me and a few others supervising.