Studying Gustav Klimt


Today I’ve been studying the austrian painter Gustav Klimt for some inspiration. I just love his golden, beige, green and red/orange colours. I’ve never thought about how all of his female figures are in a dream like state with their eyes closed. He only made a few exceptions to this. He also drew a lot of erotic nude sketches that became more popular than he expected it too.

My boyfriend bought me this beautiful book on Gustav Klimt and now I can’t wait untill I get to paint with pure gold. He also found this huge beautiful frame for me in green and gold that I can use for one of my new paintings. It’s 130×100 cm big (51″x31″). So I better get going on some new ideas! I’m thinking my style but with a Gustav Klimt palette!

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      1. I saw him there and in neue gallerie too but I want to see the frescos i heard about in Vienna.his one painting is 100 million according to that doc art of the steal!

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