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Susanne Holmlund ST

“Soul love – paintings of Anna Isabella Sandberg, Unga Magasinet, Kulturmagasinet 23 – 29th of November. 

For the HBTQ (Homo trans bisexual and queer) theme day held in Kulturmagasinet yesterday Anna Isabella Sandberg opened a small exhibition, also with the love theme.
She shows both wayward life drawing, and humorous street art-inspired images that you mostly stay to face. They are full of colorful abstract forms that winds and winds and encloses another, cityscapes or naive and cute figurines.

Some has a written interpretation as “crazy cat girl running around town searching for love When Love Can Only Be Found Within”. “Keep up the fight, where one of the figures wearing boxing gloves, its not a violence tribute but it is dedicated to the worlds passionate enthusiasts.

Some pictures are very colorful, like “Phoenix Falling in love with the lizard,” a humor version of Beauty red and green monsters, but on an adjacent board is the lizard that gets cold lizardsfeet and runs away. “Making love” also holds two really odd characters and something like a bicycle wheel. in “Two Become One” blends two amoeba creatures together into a ring.

The images are life-affirming in its exuberant spirit flourishes, and his confident belief that love is possible for the strangest creatures. As if we open ourselves to it.” /an english translation of Susanne Holmlunds’ article in Sundsvalls Tidning.


Today the local newspaper Dagbladet published an interview of me for my upcoming exhibition. You can read it here:

Photo: Agneta Jacobsson. Dagbladet
Photo: Agneta Jacobsson. Dagbladet.

The Resonance and Henric De La Cour

This weekend the Swedish bands The Resonance, Javelynn and Henric De La Cour played at pipeline. I took some photos together with Jimmy Lilja and Cathrine Fandén. Here is a link to one of my photos in pipelines photostream on facebook:

This became one of my favourite photographs:

The Resonance. Pipeline 2013. Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
The Resonance. Pipeline 2013. Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg

I like the warm shades in it, the lightening and the shiloutte.

And this is my favourite picture I took on the band Henric De La Cour

Henric De La Cour. Pipeline 2013. Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
Henric De La Cour. Pipeline 2013. Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg


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Last week I sold one of my watercolors to the swedish art association “staffliet”. I am so happy about this! We were a bunch of painters who exhibited our art on the local art collectives “Sundsvalls kollektivverkstad”. Me and two other painters sold some art work. This is what they bought from me:

"Blå kvinna Nr. 3". Sold. Watercolor.
“Blå kvinna Nr. 3”. Watercolor. Sold.

Black and White. Dead Alkberg

This weekend I saw one genius after another on stage. The Swedish bands “Kolbacken”, “Dead Alkberg” and “Brända Barn” preformed on Pipeline. I only took a few photos with my cell phone camera this time since I had some trouble with my SLR. I realized how fun and dramatic black and white rock photos are, so I am thinking about taking more of those from now on instead of my regular colorful pictures. But it all depends on the music, what kind it is and what kind of style the band has. Here is a picture on “Mattias Alkberg” from “Dead alkberg”. They are quite dark and a little sad in their lyrics, plus they themselves played a little with black and white on stage, considering their masked faces. So using black and white instead of color was a good fit.

Mattias Alkberg in the band Dead Alkberg. Pipeline 2013. Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
Mattias Alkberg in the band Dead Alkberg. Pipeline 2013. Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg

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