A new album cover

Yesterday a friend of mine joined me on the balcony for some interesting conversations and some singing. I got so inspired I decided to make a new album cover for one of her songs just for fun. Her name is Linga Sjöqvist and she is working with several producers in Sweden. I love her voice,... Continue Reading →

The Resonance and Henric De La Cour

This weekend the Swedish bands The Resonance, Javelynn and Henric De La Cour played at pipeline. I took some photos together with Jimmy Lilja and Cathrine Fandén. Here is a link to one of my photos in pipelines photostream on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=506898896074767&set=pb.144030799028247.-2207520000.1385067373.&type=3&theater This became one of my favourite photographs: I like the warm shades in it,... Continue Reading →

Black and White. Dead Alkberg

This weekend I saw one genius after another on stage. The Swedish bands “Kolbacken”, “Dead Alkberg” and “Brända Barn” preformed on Pipeline. I only took a few photos with my cell phone camera this time since I had some trouble with my SLR. I realized how fun and dramatic black and white rock photos are,... Continue Reading →

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