This is one of my latest pieces, “Resurrection.” It’s all about transformations and change. It’s a royal Phoenix arising from the ashes of life. Whenever we find ourselves being in a rut or surrounded by negativity one should remember that after the rain comes sunshine. Darkness only makes you stronger if you stay true to your own inner values while riding through it. Sometimes its hard and sometimes we get stuck in our own little traps in life. But this piece is to all of them who have been through hardship and came out on the other side as a bigger and better person.

The Art Prize

My gosh what an exhausting two days it has been. I finally handed in my art works for the international Aesthetica Magazine art prize. I have been working towards this for a week now since the magazine told me about this. I felt confident that I would make it on time despite the flu I just had. But then one of my paintings had a little accident on sunday and it was supposed to be handed in on monday!!!!

But luckily the deadline got extended to tuesday and I had to work around the problem and choose a different path. I handed in two oil monotypes and two illustrations. Here above you can see my illustration “Crystalline”.

The charity auction tomorrow!

In translation “The human and the city”. 2014. This is my contribution for the charity auction #BornToBeEqual held tomorrow night at one of the largest night clubs in town. I am so grateful for being a part of this journey. I have learned so much from being a co-founder to an auction. Thank you Linga Sjöqvist who asked me to join this exciting and not always easy journey. I am pleased by the result so far but lets hope tomorrow night will be a success.

There is still time to make an online bid at any of the artworks in the auction. Online bidding close tomorrow, Wednesday 27th of May at 4 p.m. (CET). For the artworks see our webpage

Email me if you would like to place a bid. Euro and Us dollar is fine. The currency at the webpage is SEK (Swedish Krona).

The art review in today’s newspaper!

"The seven sisters" By: Anna Isabella Sandberg 2014 Photo: Susanne Holmlund, Sundsvalls Tidning.
“The seven sisters” By: Anna Isabella Sandberg 2014 Photo: Susanne Holmlund, Sundsvalls Tidning.

Here is the art review from the exhibition “Ung Vår Konst” in the newspaper ST. The pink painting you see with the planets are mine. There are 4 young artists in this exhibition and I have been in charge of planning and marketing this exhibition from the start. The review is in Swedish but further down below in this post you can find a translation of it.

“In conjunction with the Youth magazine’s Spring Festival also opens an art exhibition in the same place. Four young artists exhibit, all under 30 years, and if there can be said to be an underlying theme, it’s quite wide, the idea of a better world.
Anna Isabella Sandberg is driven in action and idea.

The great “The Seven Sisters” is harboring thoughts of seven planets in different places in space, joined by the fact that they all are harboring life. They floats more than being sucked into vortices around a life-affirming and colorful sun, evocative and with ease. The heart that melts the symbolic hard walls are soft colors and pulsating light. Her drawings have a completely different style; This is a maze where she glances at street art forms, line language and detailed style.

Emmelie Berkö has just finished high school but demonstrates exciting color treatment, and the “Bleeding Love” feels as if she is on the road to its own design language also in people’s little blocky faces.
Amanda Bergkvist I got stuck mostly on “I remember you”; the expressive color choice, the man bit jaded expression and the mystery of the painting that hangs behind him. In “It does not matter, the idea that the person is a transsexual, but the excitement is in my opinion the disproportionate arms, face introversion and the Raven Run as croaks social norms.

Lennie Karlsson has just participated in the joint work, a drawing that most seem to be based on spontaneity. Common to the other three is that they all seem to look into the possibilities of color, the draw for the strong expressions.” a translation of Susanne Holmlunds review on

Finally finished!


I’m finally finished with the mega huge painting I was talking about earlier last year! It took me 5 months to do it but then I was a bit slow too since I moved my studio and everything. The working title was “Klimt Lovers” since Gustav Klimt was the major inspiration for this piece. But the final name is “In the rose garden”.

The title leaves it open for further interpretations and not just a couple in love. One of my friends thought it looked like a vampire leaning up from behind, wanting to suck the life out of the other figure.
Anyway I hope you all enjoy it. Thanx for following my artistic progress and Happy New Year and New Beginnings!


This is one of my new Illustrations. One waterdragon and one firedragon facing eachother. Its about the dualities in life and in society. Recently I have heard that you should live in polarity instead of duality, constantly aware of both sides of things. Remembering that you can always interpret things from two opposite sides and you don’t haveto choose a side and be seperate. We can live in the middle, being neutral and in and
balance emotionally. Just being aware. Stepping from hatred to euforia, getting caught up in one drama in society to another only brings a psychadelic mess within and around you. Maybe the answer is to be neutral, stay positive and hope for the best.

Royal Phoenix


I haven’t been drawing for a while now but this weekend I finished one drawing and started on a new one. Another Phoenix is coming up 😉 I don’t know why I am so facsinated by this creature. Maybe it’s because I am alot like the Poenix Bird; I have times of glory when I spread my wings and sore, full of color and life and also I have long periods of time when my life turnes into ashes and I keep a low profile, gather new knowledge and strength.

I think it’s time for me to get out of my little “cave” soon and make some art. I only have a few paintings left to do for another solo exhibition. But the thing is.. I’m in love right now and all I want to do is spend time with my favoutite person in the world and snuggle! 😉 I love him so.. At least I get a lot of inspiration from Love and will have a lot of stories to tell in my upcoming art.

My painting for the office space Iris Hadar

Last fall I worked on a painting for the office space Iris Hadar. This is how it looks like in the chill out area. I painted it in acrylic and I have also experimented with it further in mixed media.

Iris Hadar Office Space Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
Iris Hadar Office Space Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
"Birdie" Acrylic, 50x50cm, 2013.
“Birdie” Acrylic, 50x50cm, 2013.
"Blue Birdie" Mixed Media, 50x50cm, 2013.
“Blue Birdie” Mixed Media, 50x50cm, 2013.