Exhibition (almost) sold out!!!

Here are some pictures from my exhibition Soul Love at Unga Magasinet. I sold out almost everything. 8 out of 13 paintings! I was so happy to see all the positive reactions from people and to actually know that my art is appreciated and people do want them in their homes, in their lives. The gallery opening was awesome. A few bands were playing and there were some lectures, one with a famous photographer and other with local speakers. We had a table where people could get a HBTQ makeup! The whole thing was just amazing and people had a lot of fun.

Anna Isabella Sandberg Art Foto Linga
Unga Magasinet 2013 Photo: Linga Sjöqvist
Anna Isabella Sandberg Konst Art Utställning
Unga Magasinet 2013 Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
Anna Isabella Sandberg Foto Linga
Unga Magasinet 2013 Photo: Linga Sjöqvist


Last week I sold one of my watercolors to the swedish art association “staffliet”. I am so happy about this! We were a bunch of painters who exhibited our art on the local art collectives “Sundsvalls kollektivverkstad”. Me and two other painters sold some art work. This is what they bought from me:

"Blå kvinna Nr. 3". Sold. Watercolor.
“Blå kvinna Nr. 3”. Watercolor. Sold.