Exhibiting “Illusion” on Gallery 13 today!

"Illusion" 2013, Marker pens on paper.

I am exhibiting this piece at Gallery 13 in Sundsvall, Sweden today. Keep a look out for it if you are at the exhibition. There are 40 or so other artists exhibiting today and one week forward. Hope I see you there! If not I will keep you posted on how it goes. Have a great weekend.

Young Spring Art & Our Festival

Soon its a premier for the annual spring festival for everyone called “Vår Festival” (our/spring festival) in Sweden. I have been planning this together with the local commune and the cultural arts center, Kulturmagasinet, here in Sundsvall for a while now. I am the one who is in charge for the aesthetic aspects such as the art exhibition, designing the festival logo and the posters. I will also lead an abstract art workshop in the middle of the square in the cultural art center. We will finish the workshop with a collaborative painting. The exhibition will be from 9th of May to the 22nd of May. We are 4 young artists that are exhibiting and next year there will be a lot more young artists joining us. It is a big honor being part of something new in the local community that hopefully will be lasting for many years to come.

The festival is mostly for the young scene but it is open for everyone and it is also customized for disability. We will even have a interpreter for the hearing disabled.

The artists on this exhibition are: Anna Isabella Sandberg, Lennie Karlsson, Amanda Bergkvist & Emmelie Berkö

Ung Vår Konst 2015 Poster

Sneak peak from the exhibition "Ung Vår Konst" 2015 (Young Spring Art).
Sneak peak from the exhibition “Ung Vår Konst” 2015 (Young Spring Art).

Exclusive weekend art

This weekend I am exhibiting at the gallery Granen in Sundsvall, Sweden. Together with several other people we have formed a group called “Sundsvalls Kollektivverkstads Graphical group”. Once a week we work together in a graphicsworkshop with old traditional graphic presses. The exhibition is only this weekend and people will be able to try out a simple drypoint technique at the actual gallery opening! Some of the exhibitors are Ulla-Carin Winter, Herman Englund, Erik Lindström (aka The DirtyElmo) and Fredrik Wimmerkrantz.

Graphicalgroup Exhibition

Exhibition (almost) sold out!!!

Here are some pictures from my exhibition Soul Love at Unga Magasinet. I sold out almost everything. 8 out of 13 paintings! I was so happy to see all the positive reactions from people and to actually know that my art is appreciated and people do want them in their homes, in their lives. The gallery opening was awesome. A few bands were playing and there were some lectures, one with a famous photographer and other with local speakers. We had a table where people could get a HBTQ makeup! The whole thing was just amazing and people had a lot of fun.

Anna Isabella Sandberg Art Foto Linga
Unga Magasinet 2013 Photo: Linga Sjöqvist
Anna Isabella Sandberg Konst Art Utställning
Unga Magasinet 2013 Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg
Anna Isabella Sandberg Foto Linga
Unga Magasinet 2013 Photo: Linga Sjöqvist


Today the local newspaper Dagbladet published an interview of me for my upcoming exhibition. You can read it here:


Photo: Agneta Jacobsson. Dagbladet
Photo: Agneta Jacobsson. Dagbladet.