Exhibiting in Stockholm

Tonight I am exhibiting art in the exhibition Urban Art together with several artists. It is curated by Art Fo-Ko and it is located in the sky scrape Hötorgsskrapan 4 in Stockholm. The exhibition is open to the public from 28th of March to 7th of April.

I have not done all that many exhibitions lately since I started studying Graphic Design, so I feel very nervous. I missed to pack a few things for the trip and so on. Not many of you know this but I have social phobia which means I am really scared of some social situations. And exhibiting art is one of them. I love to paint and it feels very right but the part of showing small pieces of your soul to the public takes some time getting used to.

Hopefully I will be exhibiting more after I graduate Graphic Design so that I can get a good routine on this again. I have been exhibiting a lot, both nationally and internationally. However the feeling of being so open, honest and exposed when you are exhibiting art is a very unique feeling.

Yesterday I spoke a little about my social phobia and exhibiting art on the local radio. And I am very grateful that people are becoming more and more open to discuss mental health awareness. We all have our fears and things to overcome and I hope everyone stays true to themselves and their dreams. One small step at a time.

Wish me luck tonight. I hope I see you there. If not, I will poast some pictures soon..

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