Ocean colors


This weekend has been wonderful. All the colors by the ocean really inspires me as usual. The deep red, blues and sandy beige. The ocean air in my lungs, the sun kissing my skin and the trees comfort surrounding me. The weather has been phenomenal. It usually isn’t in northern Sweden, we are located as north as Alaska is in the Us. So naturally we have daylight 24/7 right now which creates this amazing light with pink skies in the evening.

All those pink pastels really sets the mood for something new…



New section: Nature Photography

Now I have added a new section with some of my nature photos thanx to a resent burst of inspiration from one of my favorite Swedish painters called Lars Lerin. I hope you enjoy. More nature photos are coming soon. Please check it out!

Here is a link to the new section:

"Isen hos oss" Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg 2015
“Isen hos oss” Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg 2015

Inspiration at sea #1

I have left the city for a weekend in a small cabin close to the sea. My mission is to get a little inspiration and to paint a lot. I have been drawing a bit but not painting that much lately. I have bought large canvases and brought all of painting stuff out here. The weather is gray and windy, a bit chilly but the air feels really fresh.

Right now I see alot of blues and grayscale but I will be posting pictures by the sea throughout the day! Keep a look out and enjoy!

Mood photography; project No.2

“Listen to the trees.” Photo: Anna Isabella Sandberg. 2014.

Here is a sneak peak of a new photo project that I am working on together with an editor. But this picture I have both taken it and edited it myself. Last year we worked on a similar project together and it was a success! The people we sent it to in Stockholm loved it. Now we are back working together as a team again and it feels great. Who knows what we will create this time! Hopefully it will result in an exhibition in the end. I will keep you posted with a few sneak peaks on what we are working on. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Unconditional Love


It was raining outside tonight. The special light that only the northern hemisphere can create was shining through the clouds. I was all snuggled up in my comfortable egg shaped chair that was hanging from the ceiling at a cafe. I was reading about unconditional love and I just knew I was close to all of the answers on my questions about life and love.

A word I have never used before occurred; Metta. What was this word? There was no simple explanation for this word so I had to learn about it slowly in the book. Story after story I finally realized its meaning. It was about kindness for yourselfe, you friends and enemies. For everyone!.. Metta = #Love #Kindness and #Friendship

Please be a friend to yourself, if so only for a moment. Treat yourself like you were your own mother. Try to see yourself with empathy. You are only human so making mistakes is a part of who you are. Give yourself some Metta today!