Inspiration: Unconditional Love


It was raining outside tonight. The special light that only the northern hemisphere can create was shining through the clouds. I was all snuggled up in my comfortable egg shaped chair that was hanging from the ceiling at a cafe. I was reading about unconditional love and I just knew I was close to all of the answers on my questions about life and love.

A word I have never used before occurred; Metta. What was this word? There was no simple explanation for this word so I had to learn about it slowly in the book. Story after story I finally realized its meaning. It was about kindness for yourselfe, you friends and enemies. For everyone!.. Metta = #Love #Kindness and #Friendship

Please be a friend to yourself, if so only for a moment. Treat yourself like you were your own mother. Try to see yourself with empathy. You are only human so making mistakes is a part of who you are. Give yourself some Metta today!

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