The Piece I’m working on today


So this is the piece I’m working on today. I’m not sure on what it means or what I should call it. Anyone have any ideas on a title? Please feel free to leave a comment! Thanx.

12 thoughts on “The Piece I’m working on today

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      1. How about Missing Pieces? It is beautiful and it reminds me of how we all have missing pieces that are continually being filled and designed.

  1. How about “Land of the Setting Sun”? The majority if the image reminds me of a lagoon: things in life that bog you down and keep you lodged in the same place mentally. The sun appears to be falling into the “lagoon” instead of rising out of it. “He not busy being born is busy dying” said Bob Dylan…and that is what your lovely painting reminds me of (quite a cheerful outlook eh?).

    1. Wow! Thank you. Thats actually a little bit how I feel right now. Not stuck mentally but my life has been stuck in one place for quite some time now. I know things will start to get a move on quite soon but I can really relate to your interpretation. Thank you! I’ll let you guys know what title I choose for it in the end of this week.

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