Mega huge paintings


I have started on a new mega huge painting today. Its about 100x130cm (40″x52″). Well maybe its not that HUGE! But it sure feels big in my small studio. I’m a little nervouse because it was a while since I painted this big. I mostly sit and doodle in my small drawing pad that I carry with me everywhere so I’m nervouse I won’t get the balance right in the perspectives. But there are a few tricks I can use to make it right.

I have the original sketch in a small A5 and I will be using a grid net to measure it out. You can also use a projector to blow the sketch up this size but usually it can look kind of stiff if you do that. Freehand is always best I think. But in this size it will be difficult to see the proportions while standing up close.

But isn’t it something special with huge paintings? Don’t they just blow you away? If they are done well with alot of feeling and thought ofcorse ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. I was talking to someone about projectors yesterday. I have never used one as I was always taught that fine art is done by eye. Whether the perspective is right or wrong, at least it’s honest and pure. Look forward to seeing it develop

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