Inside the mind of a painter series: Flow


How do one start experiencing flow? I recently listened to a lecture about the book  “Flow: the psychology of optimal experience “ By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. They talked about how you experience flow when you do something thats enough challenging for the brain to make an effort but not stressfull on you. Time just flyes by when you experience this and you get a lot done.

I naturally experience flow when I create and for me its a calm, stable feeling where all of your resources are in sync and things flow effortlessly throughout the day.

I thought about an exercise that can get you into flow quicker. At least for me. You should try this before you start working on something and please feel free to copy this list or share this post anywhere.

Aisandbergs’ shortcut to flow:
1. Calm down by focusing on your breathing. Feel your stomach move up and down.
2. Start doing things slow and with clear intentions.
3. Listen to the silence/noice around you. Just notice it. Don’t be bothered by it.
4. Be in the present moment by forgetting your thoughts and focus on one thing at a time. Focus on what you are doing.
5. Snap up on images/words/ideas that come to you during the day.
6. Do things right away as they unfold throughout the day instead of just putting it off. “Get that hot potatoe off your hands”
7. Don’t look on the clock so much. Set alarms for your next meeting or for breaks etc.

Inspiration: Unconditional Love


It was raining outside tonight. The special light that only the northern hemisphere can create was shining through the clouds. I was all snuggled up in my comfortable egg shaped chair that was hanging from the ceiling at a cafe. I was reading about unconditional love and I just knew I was close to all of the answers on my questions about life and love.

A word I have never used before occurred; Metta. What was this word? There was no simple explanation for this word so I had to learn about it slowly in the book. Story after story I finally realized its meaning. It was about kindness for yourselfe, you friends and enemies. For everyone!.. Metta = #Love #Kindness and #Friendship

Please be a friend to yourself, if so only for a moment. Treat yourself like you were your own mother. Try to see yourself with empathy. You are only human so making mistakes is a part of who you are. Give yourself some Metta today!

Inside the mind of a painter: Pink Space #1

I have borrowed my cousins house to paint for a couple of days. I just started on a new painting. It’s always such a special feeling in the beginning at the start of a new canvas, a blank canvas. It is full of new hopes and possibillities. Maybe this is the one painting that I manage to make people happy with. Maybe they will feel something big in themselves looking at this. Just maybe their hearts will be moved some how.

I saw a pink collage made by a little girl for a couple of weeks ago and it just moved me. It was so pretty and innocent. Full of life. So a pink painting has been building up inside of me since then and now it just has to come out.

I started out yesterday with a darker fuschia in the corners and a lighter baby pink in the middle. My original thoughts is that I will fill it with planets and orbs but I don’t know how this journey will end. You never know what turns I might take in the process of finding balance and composition. It is such an adventure that I can’t wait to see how it ends.

And ofcorse I will keep you all updated on the process.. This is a picture from my pink palette.