Inside the mind of a painter: Pink Space #1

I have borrowed my cousins house to paint for a couple of days. I just started on a new painting. It’s always such a special feeling in the beginning at the start of a new canvas, a blank canvas. It is full of new hopes and possibillities. Maybe this is the one painting that I manage to make people happy with. Maybe they will feel something big in themselves looking at this. Just maybe their hearts will be moved some how.

I saw a pink collage made by a little girl for a couple of weeks ago and it just moved me. It was so pretty and innocent. Full of life. So a pink painting has been building up inside of me since then and now it just has to come out.

I started out yesterday with a darker fuschia in the corners and a lighter baby pink in the middle. My original thoughts is that I will fill it with planets and orbs but I don’t know how this journey will end. You never know what turns I might take in the process of finding balance and composition. It is such an adventure that I can’t wait to see how it ends.

And ofcorse I will keep you all updated on the process.. This is a picture from my pink palette.


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