Printmaking in progress


I have been spending some time in the graphics studio at #SundsvallsKollektivverkstad Here are some works in progress. Please bare with me on the poor quality of the photos and stay tuned for the end results.

The plate of "Window" (workingtitle)

The piece “Window” needs something more. I’m not quite sure what it is yet. I have only printed one layer here.

After printing! Monotype "Window" on going piece

The first layer of “blue sun”. I’m planning to make three layers on top

The plate of ongoing piece "Blue sun" (workingtitle)

The plate is ready for the printmaking process with its second layer on top of the already printed motif. I hade only a few minutes to make the second layer before the paper went too dry.

Second layer of "Blue sun"

Here you can see the result of two layers in my monotype. First the black and blue and second the pale shade of #davesgray

The ongoing piece "Blue sun" Monotype.

Stay tuned for the end result.


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