Inspiration at sea #1

I have left the city for a weekend in a small cabin close to the sea. My mission is to get a little inspiration and to paint a lot. I have been drawing a bit but not painting that much lately. I have bought large canvases and brought all of painting stuff out here. The weather is gray and windy, a bit chilly but the air feels really fresh.

Right now I see alot of blues and grayscale but I will be posting pictures by the sea throughout the day! Keep a look out and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Inspiration at sea #1

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    1. Thanx! To me its more a question of what you think is fun. If you like using a brush with colors on a canvas or doodling with a pen thats great! Just let it flow and stop caring about if its good or bad. πŸ™‚ Painting can be a fun way to relax rather than your source of income. Good luck to you too!

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